Crossroads Awaited Christmas Show

This is the third year I've seen the Crossroads Church "Awaited" Christmas play and holy sh*t it is absolutely perfect. My mom and stepdad go to Crossroads church regularly and the show is always good good good. I was a total theater nerd in high school so going to a play is one of my favorite things in the world to do and this show delivers all of my favorite things: music, dancing and unlimited free hot chocolate in the lobby! (two thumbs way way up!) 
out in the lobby, they have a giant gingerbread house set up and a bunch of different Photo Booths and penny candy shops and everything else that's magical and adorable. we didn't get the best seats in the world (it's a  "first come, first serve" kinda thing and we dinner ran a little too late!) but it was still just as good as i remembered it from the year previous. Plus, I've always preferred being higher up when I'm watching a show, am I the only one? 
The show makes me want to dance and perform again, as well as be a better person in general. Two years ago, they passed out the soundtrack out in the lobby and i'm not lying when I say i jammed out to it hard for about 2 weeks. Here's a few photos I snapped (no flash, of course!) Enjoy! 
get a load of that  crowd!
the closest thing we get to sibling photos. 
and me and my mama!!
and a post I did from last year's "Awaited" Here


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