Paint Me A Picture

One thing that I've always thought would be a great outlet for me to reflect and relax would be to try and take up painting. Now let me just say, I am NO artist. Hell, I can't even believe they even let me buy the paint. But so far, it's been relaxing, fun and … dare I say… beautiful? Anyone out there that creates art knows and appreciate how gorgeous this craft is. The dirty brushes are beautiful, the paint stained on your hands is beautiful, the palette of colors running together to create colors you've never seen before is beautiful. The lime green paw prints that now reside on your dining room table due to a way too curious cat- maybe not so beautiful- but still! 

I had a coupon for Michael's Craft store a few nights ago and totally invested. I bought a huge box of over 40 acrylic paints. I got brushes and paper and could not wait to get home and break into my new toys. It was so nice to let the stress of lately drain out of me and just put brush to paper, ya know? I'm not sure exactly what I painted. Maybe it's suppose to be waves in the ocean, maybe it's actually a bouquet of roses, maybe it's just a hot mess. But I will hold on to it as my first creation in this new journey and new positive creative outlet. 
^ my first painting!  ^ 

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  1. You are awesome. That is all. Thinking of you, sweet friend! Hope this week/month is treating you better!


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