Amelia turns One!

my sweet baby niece, well… i call her my niece. but really she's my cousin's baby girl. but i want a niece damn it  and who knows if that will ever happen! so i'm claiming one now. SHE TURNS ONE TODAY!  one. oh my god i could cry. i feel like it was just last week that i was rushing to the hospital to see that black haired beauty! she is the sweetest little thing. you can just tell she has a good soul, ya know? one of those dangerous babies to be around because she makes it look so easy!

 her mama had her first birthday party yesterday and she did such a good job. decorated and cooked and cleaned and everything looked perfect. so proud of you, Bri! we ate pink cupcakes and drank pink lemonade. the weather kept a few people away, buuuut i'm  selfish and i was happy to get more baby time. like, i wheeled her highchair over to where i was eating. dibs! haha. i love that baby girl. i'm so proud of my cousin and how well she did, not only with the party but just as a mama in general. and she and her husband are the sweetest kind of love, which makes their little family of 3 that much sweeter. anyways, here's some pics of the day. enjoy! 

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