this blogging thing has its perks, ya know? it allows you to go places you wouldn't have been able to go before.  like the kitchen of a donut shop, for example! 

 tonight we were lucky enough to be invited to the ever popular Holtman's Donuts  in OTR and got a first hand look at how donuts are made! it was really cool to see the ins and outs of the place and meet the people behind the scenes. Holtman's in OTR is co-owned by Katie and her boyfriend (he wasn't there for the interview) and he is the grandson of Mr. Holtman himself. The two of them quit their corporate jobs to follow their dreams of keeping this family business moving forward. isn't that amazing? "we knew if we didn't start this shop now while we were young, it might not ever happen!" -the girl knows what she's talking about! She is the sweetest for taking the time out of her busy schedule to let me peek thru the place. Thanks Katie!

My dad has owned a mechanic shop since I was really little, and I've seen the stress it can cause on a family. There's no boss to turn to for a raise or something to cry to when you want change. It's on you. and failure isn't an option when you put your everything into starting up a business. I think I have a soft spot for family businesses. I appreciate the communication and team work it takes from everyone and if you can work with family, you can work with anyone! (especially your boyfriend, hello!) This is the third location of Holtman's since 1960 so it's evident they are doing something right! 

 I think we've tried almost all of the donuts, but my favorite had to be the cinnamon sugar twists, while jon is partial to a cheese crown anywhere he goes. be sure to head over to OTR and get your hands on any of their delicious (and EXTREMELY well priced) treats. they're located on vine treat and you can't miss their beyond perfect donut sign out front!
^ the adorable Katie ^
Thanks again, Holtman's! I'll be munching on this giant pastry of happiness for the next 3 days! 


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