The Krohn's Conservatory Butterfly Exhibit

nothing can make a normal day better like a trip to an exhibit. and if it's an exhibit with a good chance of having flying things land on your hair, well, count me in! --except bats; those can stay the hell away!-- yesterday we took a trip down to the Krohn's conservatory to check out their butterfly exhibit. i'm pretty sure they have been doing it for years but i've never actually been. and for only $6 a person, i was blown away. 

you walk in this giant room filled with the most gorgeous flowers and literally hundreds of butterflies swarming around. we learned quickly that they don't really care for dark clothes. (we were practically the only people that didn't have butterflies landing all over us. bummer.) 

but they do love perfume, scented hairspray, obnoxious hawaiian shirts and strawberry yogurt! there was a toddler there with all kinds of these flying beauties landing on her and so i asked her mom what the secret was. she said "well, she's covered in strawberry yogurt... so that probably helps!" 

note: roll around in yogurt if we want an experience to remember



  1. So pretty! You give me all sorts of ideas for date night since I don't know anything about his city! I am jealous. Looks like it was awesome!! :)

    1. oh yes you gotta go! it's so fun and interactive!


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