A trip to the Cincinnati Zoo

yesterday, I went with work friends to the zoo and one of them brought their little girl, Austyn. 

I'm a sucker for babies and toddlers and basically anything that i can carry around and love on for a few hours- then hand them back to their rightful owners, of course. so yesterday was awesome, as Austyn was one of those perfect children that totally loves being carried by people, even ones she just met. Score!

it was a bit on the hot side, but there was a nice breeze all day and that made all the difference.
we walked around the zoo and looked at literally everything. i've never been to the zoo as an adult and had no idea what all it offered. cincinnati zoo is rated one of the top in the country AND is rated one of the "sexiest zoos" because we have a lot of zoo babies. isn't that the worst title though?? sexiest? i think they could have came up with something better. but anyways, great day- lots of zoo babies- and a slight tan line. hellllloo sunshine! so glad you have finally decided to show up! 

oh, and cincinnati bloggers- you guys gotta get over there and check out the babies! the baby penguins? casserole and sweet potato? ( yes those are their names!!) i died...



  1. I'm in love with this zoo, I almost died seeing all the babies! And it must be "sexy" My fiance and I watched the chimps get it on. Ha! so glad you had a great time, and it wasn't as humid as it was when I was there! :)

  2. Hank loves everybody too, just sayin ;).

    Agreed though on the "sexiest" title. Maybe most fertile? Is that worse? Tough call.


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