so we have been talking about making it over to The Senate for what feels like forever. everyone talks about how freaking fantastic it is and i'll admit i was starting to feel completely left out. so today, i stomped my feet and held my breathe until jon agreed to brave the rain. (i'm kidding... he wanted to go, too! sheesh) but really, the weather was the grossest gross which made taking photos less than easy or enjoyable. i mean there is just no easy way to hold an umbrella, camera and purse all at one time. 

oh well, i'm glad i got at least a few shots, because this food was unreal. you've never seen such gorgeous hotdogs (that's a sentence i never thought i would write) and they had the most fun names, too. Jon got the "lindsay lohan" and i got the "trailer park" .... along with a side of bacon fat fries and lobster macaroni. so so good. hope everyone has a wonderful- and at least semi dry weekend. i'm off to take a nap to let all that goodness in my belly settle down.

until our next food coma, senate! 


  1. Ha! Casey Coston's bike has been on more than a few blogs now.

  2. Oh my, this has been on my list of places to go for forever!! I've heard nothing but amazing things. Can't wait to try it!


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