a winter meal staple: chicken and dumplins'

I posted recently about our wedding registry favorites and this dutch oven is slowly, OK quickly, inching its way up the list. Andrew has successfully created fried chicken, pork ribs, and now chicken and dumplins. I can't even remember the last time I had chicken and dumplins prior to last night but they were everything I remembered. Creamy and filling and I had three servings. In fact, I'm writing this the next day and they're even better now. Don't you love foods that do this? Is there a name for that? Meals that get better every day that they're reheated? Let me know. 

So if you're searching for an easy recipe for supper (Chicken and dumplings are for when you want supper, not dinner) here is the recipe we used here. I was in charge of the dumplins and they were stupid easy to make (i know my kitchen limits. Give me the simple work) and it's kind of a fun meal to make together as a team. Just don't expect too much PDA after that second bowl. Because chicken and dumplins should always be followed by naps. On that note, goodnight. 

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