our favorite wedding gifts from amazon!

I swear, a wedding advice post is coming, but this seemed more fun for a rainy Thursday! Our wedding gift favorites so far! Well, I guess this is a little wedding advice- you should register. And when you, you should register through Amazon. Their registry was super easy to navigate for us and for guests, you can link the registry right to your phone and see when gifts are purchased, it will show you when the same item becomes cheaper, AND no one has to leave their house to give or receive! Introverts rejoice! So here's our top ten, so far, that I highly recommend you get for yourself or someone you love!

1. Oil diffuser. This thing has been a dream to have in the bedroom and I'm buying another one for the living room. Pop open the top, add water and a few drops of essential oil (lavender in the bathroom. zzzz) and hit the power button. It makes the dreamiest little bubble sounds, too!
2. Waffle maker. So far, I've only used some waffle mix but holy shit. Plug it in, turn it on and wait for the heat, put in your batter, rotate it, and 90 seconds later you have the most beautiful waffle. Yum.
3. Bamboo cutting board. I've always wanted a beautiful cutting board and I'm so glad we got one. It's smooth as glass and sturdy. I'm thinking with cutting boards, you get what you pay for.
4. White cotton bath towels. We were long over due for towels anyway. These are flufftastic and super absorbent. Somehow, we registered for 2 sets and wound up with 3 so I'm saving the last pack. 
5. Instant pot. I didn't know what it was initially but apparently it's "like having 7 cooking devices in 1" according to the meal cooker of our house.
6. KitchenAid attachments. Yes we pimped out our stand mixer and I'm stoked to play with them more in the near future. Gimme all the real pasta and a bigger jean size, please and thanks.
7. Turkish tea towels. I've got a soft spot in my heart for dish, hand, and tea towels. I registered for three sets. seriously. I love them.
8. Cuisinart pots and pans set. We added this to our registry after our wedding, just kinda on a whim. Like a hey! Maybe we have a great uncle out there somewhere that wants to get us a nice gift! turned out that my pseudo aunt got it for us and it was the best surprise ever! They are gorgeous.
9. Wok. again, according to this house's chef, this is a good one.
10. Dutch oven. I have wanted one of these bad boys forever but you know damn well I won't spend hundreds on something that I can find for $40. Save your money and go with this one. I got the white one :)

I've linked all of my favorites below! I wasn't on board with doing a registry from the beginning. I'm nearly 30 and have everything that I could ever need. But we had some friends and family insist and now I'm glad we listened to them. It was so fun the morning after our wedding to eat junk food in our pajamas and opening all of our new home goods that we get to start a life with together. These are our things. I love that. We donated all of our old linens and towels to the SPCA, all of our dishware went to family, and I have put boxes of random stuff on our stoop a few times a week (it's like a magic show watching shit disappear!) So I feel like I'm at least not being wasteful. Hope this was a little helpful to anyone looking for where to register or just anyone wanting to treat themselves this holiday!  


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