an all natural, two ingredient, bad ass brass cleaner

Before Andrew and I were even engaged, I already had a pretty clear idea of what style I wanted for  my  our dream wedding. Something dark, sexy, and dramatic. My mom and I have lovingly been calling it "gothic chic" for the better part of the year. Lots of black, animal skulls and bones, dead and live florals. You get the idea. Most of our decor came from inside our apartment (thanks, assholes, that helped themselves to some of my candlestick centerpieces hahaha!) But I knew I would be stocking up on brass candlesticks from the day we got engaged to, what turned out to be, about 4 days before we got married. I bought, found, and was gifted lots and lots of brass candlesticks in every shape and size you could imagine thanks to a few several thrift shops and the best little antique enthusiast, my stepmother. They're all beautiful. And nearly all of them were used for our wedding decor. There is just something so romantic and sexy about a brass candelabra, topped with dim candlelight... and there are currently 15 in my house. I have some super neat ones I might post about later, but right now I just gotta throw a quick post up on a magical potion for cleaning your brass. It seemed in theme, right? Because majority of our candlesticks with vintage and older and in pretty rough shape with dents and patina marks all over. So why wouldn't I find this magical until after the damn wedding is over? Oh well! My loss, your gain!

what you'll need:
- small bowl of baking soda
- small bowl of lemon juice
- soft/old/ready to throw it away dishtowel 
- spoon
Pour baking soda into lemon juice to make a paste (It will thicken up as you stir it) 
Scoop a little and spread it all over your piece. 
Wait 5 minutes. 
Scrub with towel. (my towel was the ugliest green and brown afterward and was thrown away after) 
Rinse and dry.  
not cleaned and cleaned. left and right. Isn't that crazy!? Lemons could change the world! 

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