a bathroom makeover

a few days ago, one of the light bulbs above my bathroom vanity went out. And as it happened it kinda struck me that I have never replaced or even cleaned the top of my light fixture in there. ew. So naturally, this seemed like most opportune time to replace the entire fixture. Because gimme all the home projects, right? But ... for whatever reason... The fixture was stuck tight onto the wall and it totally bummed me out. (picture in your head the clown portrait that was hanging in Jim Halpert's parent's house on The Office) Andrew quickly pointed out though that if I just switched out my frosted type of bulbs with clear bulbs, I would probably like the entire fixture more. But I wasn't sure. Sometimes, when it comes to home design,  I worry that all of my favorite styles and staple design ideas are actually clashing together horribly. I love silver tones, brass tones, gold tones, copper tones, etc. And I don't know if the home interior rules say whether or not I am allowed to like them all together but I do. I love the mix of an antique gold tone mirror with a sleek and modern silver tone framed mirror neighboring each other on the wall. I love super chic black accent pieces that are topped with naturally woven wooden baskets. Am I alone here? Are we normal? Or are we the bad ass kids smoking cigarettes in the bathroom at home design university? Either way, whatever.

So I've had a beautiful antique mirror hanging over my sink for a little over a year now and decided the shelves next to it looked super cluttered, especially next to that large and delightful wall gallery. So I removed the shelves and replaced the space with a large and very modern wall length mirror. The biggest part of the project was the vanity for sure, though, and it turned out exactly how I wanted it to. Thank you to Andrew for being happy as a clam sitting on the couch watching Top Chef reruns while I jump up and go grab my little black paint can and get to it. I can't help it. I am literally painting everything around me black and charcoal and I can't get enough. In the past 3 months, I have painted an entire piano, a bedroom side table and now- my bathroom vanity. (all with the same pint of black paint, I might add. Someone take it away from me, I dare you.) If you ask me, nothing looks sexier on black than super dramatic brass pull knobs, so I ordered a few and they are perfect. I threw in a matching towel ring because holy shit, I have lived here 7 years and have never had a bathroom hand towel for guests. Sorry y'all.

What's the point of this post? I don't know. Except to say that no life problems couldn't be fixed with some semi gloss black velvety paint and all the brass accents you can find. Throw in a few sexy women's sketches, and you'll have a bathroom you'll never want to leave.

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  1. Please become an interior decorator and help the design challenged individuals of southwest, ohio. Seriously because please.


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