Working with Mirrors

it's going to be a slow transition, but I'm about to turn this apartment upside down into a new way of being styled. It's always been filled with a hodgepodge of furniture, mirrors, and style accents and I don't know where the sudden change in my taste is coming from, but I hate it all. And it's gotta go! OK I don't hate it, I love all of it  and it's all been good to me. but it's time for change. New husband, new decor. (i also plan on 100% chopping off all of my hair the second after we get married, but that's a story for a different day)

For months and months, I've been cleaning out every drawer, closet, and cabinet of this place making room for new kitchen goodies and fresh new linens so it just seems like now is the time to minimize the interior decorating clutter. Starting with the walls because walls are easy. Couches cost thousands and I have 5 different "maybe" dining room table options but taking things off of walls and replacing them is pretty simple and cheap. I started by taking down a big, beautiful, gold tone carved wooden framed mirror that looked like something from the Beauty and the Beast castle and replaced it with this clean, thin brass tone more modern mirror. I'm low key obsessed and can't stop staring at the difference it has made in just one small wall of the living room. It's the first step of many and I think I'm gonna like getting this place cleaned up and aired out.

I've been researching a little bit too on mirrors because they are one of the biggest key elements of disturbing the energy in your house and I learned a lot. A lot of wild mirror facts that I have got to share because I'm sure I've broken a few of these rules and it makes total sense. Did you know that you should never mount a mirror directly in front of an entry door? Or in the kitchen? Or over/behind your desk? Or even hang one over your bed/couch? Mirrors, especially second hand mirrors, hold the power to affect the energy of the space greatly and you gotta be careful with what images your mirror are going to be staring at all day long. You never want to hang big mirror over couches or beds because it can hold stressful energy above you and make you feel weighed down. People have even reported to sleeping better once they removed mirrors from their bedroom. Isn't that fascinating? So just remember- mirror in the dining room- good. Mirror in the kitchen- bad. You'll be fine.

Over the next few months, my main goal is a new dining table *gulp* and I'm pretty excited. Something in a dark wood stain with clean legs and not too big. I don't think anyone is ever really done decorating their house, that's kinda the fun of it, but I'm definitely excited. New husband new haircut new home style!! 30th birthday, I am coming for you at full charge and you better look out! 

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