my female nude wall

don't you just love when you have a vision for a project and it turns out exactly how you wanted? I personally do mental backflips in these rare life occurrences. and I don't know if it's from getting older, learning about my style more, or taking my time on project visions, but lately all of these little home makeovers have turned out exactly how I had envisioned (if not better) and it's been the best feeling. I would be rolling my eyes reading this if I were you, but I just have to say that this little apartment has really been getting shaped up lately into a real beauty. every room is now my favorite room of the house. i love the high contrast of black walls and white blankets in the bedroom, the clean and modern aesthetic in the kitchen, and now I love love love my bathroom. I have been excited for weeks to get this project going and finished and it kind of came out of nowhere. I saw a print about a month back that was literally just the words "GET NAKED" in black and I loved it. and then a light bulb went off in my head and I thought this way would be way more fun. 
between women's marches, national women's day, and everything else going on in the world that centers around women and all of their wonder, I couldn't help but work on a project that showcased ladies and all of their parts. So many of my friends from across the country (and even a few across the pond!) contributed pieces to this and I couldn't be more obsessed. Some of them are self-sketches, some are from art classes, and some are just made from memory of no one in particular. Either way, I'm sure that the women in these pieces felt vulnerable and scared and probably didn't like one aspect of the piece or another. But I would like to believe that they were also proud of sitting for the pieces and felt beautiful and confident and knew that their bodies were perfect. Thank you to everyone that contributed to this. My new favorite room. 

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