The Candle Lab in OTR

you have a better chance of finding two matching snowflakes than getting my three best friends in the same room at one time. Between noncorresponding schedules and everything else that life throws at us... well... I rarely get to see them, especially together. So when I was able to corner them with a birthday guilt trip, I took full advantage. No shame here in playing the "but it's my birthday" card. and a few weeks back, I drove by the cutest little candle shop in OTR that I googled later and fell in love with. The Candle Lab is one of OTR's newest and greatest treasures that offers the yummiest soy candles in more scents than you could imagine. (old books? leather? lemongrass? all delicious) So when the opportunity came up to do an evening with them, I rallied up the ladies and headed for a night of candle making!! 
so here's the scoop on how it works. Yes, they have rows and rows of candles you can purchase, smell them all to your heart's desire and ring them up at the counter. OR you can get reeeeally crazy and - listen to this- CREATE YOUR OWN. Which is exactly what we did. We went up and down tthe rows in the shop, picked out our favorite scents and got to combine three of them into a unique smell for us to each take home. How cool is that? You choose everything from the jar to the smells to the freaking label and it's a scent you made yourself so it's extra special. Ashley went with the manliest of choices and combined bourbon and straight razor and it literally smelled like what you want your boyfriend to smell like. I'm pretty sure Maria came up with some sort of peach and peppercorn combo? I think? I can't remember but that girl has better taste than anyone I know so I'm sure it turned out perfect. I played it safe, as I tend to do in situations like this, and went with some of my favorite staple candle smells: Peppercorn, rosemary, and patchouli. You know that saying "too much of a good thing?" yeahhhh that does NOT apply when it came to combining peppercorn, rosemary, and patchouli to make a candle. This candle, though I'm biased, is the best candle that has ever lived in the apartment and I love it so much. They had the nicest staff to help guide us through the quick and painless process and now we each have hours and hours of burning time to enjoy!

 ^ once you pick the scents, you take a little whiff of all three together, making sure you love them. brilliant.
^ after pouring your candles, they sit for about an hour and a half. just enough time to walk down to a nearby restaurant for a drink, some pesto and french fries. 
this post was sponsored by The Candle Lab

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