hey cincinnati! you must gogh to the art museum!

there's a never ending list of activities going on around this city all the time, but right now let's focus on one event specifically; the Cincinnati Art Museum. For the next few weeks, until January 8th, the Cincinnati Art Museum is showcasing a Van Gogh exhibit. I remember in third grade, writing a report on Van Gogh for my art class. I was about 4 feet tall, had giant glasses and didn't really know what I was writing about at the time. but now as a grown up (and one that works with actual pieces of art at work daily) I was excited to get to the exhibit tonight. The entire building was practically empty, just us and the Christmas carolers singing away, and the museum has numerous areas with a wide variety of art pieces to look at. But do yourself a favor and hit up the Van Gogh exhibit to see his early work, a timeline of his life, and so many beautiful things he's said over the years.

"I dream of painting and then I paint my dream." 
                                                                        - Vincent Van Gogh

Too good. There's even a gift shop at the end of the exhibit that is filled with books, t-shirts, candles and tote bags that feature numerous Van Gogh prints and quotes so you can take them home with you. On Thursday nights, the exhibit is free BUT the Cincinnati Art Museum was kind enough to throw a giveaway on the blog to some lucky readers who would like free admission to the exhibit. 

send an email to lovejamiedawnblog@gmail.com to get tickets for free admission, from me and to you! 

this post is sponsored by the Cincinnati Art Museum
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  1. Dang, I wish I could get there in time! My next visit back to town won't be till February. But I always loved the Cincinnati Art Museum, and I love Van Gogh even more, so this sounds amazing.


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