A tutorial: linen and home spray

'Tis the season for giving! and inconveniently, 'tis also the season for being broke as hell. It is times like these I'm blessed to have very few friends in my life since it keeps my list of chicks to buy for short and sweet! For the past few years, I've realized that creating homemade gifts is not only cuter and more fun, but it's a fraction of the price and allows you way more creative room. Last year, I made this peppermint hand scrub and it was a total success... and a cheap one. I've been trying hard lately to rid my life of toxic crap (be it people or products) and making my home a little more natural has become really important. I'm throwing away much of my chemical filled home cleansers, only wearing makeup on the weekends and special events, and trying to read labels better. So after a few hours of searching through the internet for ideas, I knew that a room and linen spray would be a great gift. I've wanted to learn how to make oil recipes for a while and holidays gift giving time seems like the perfect opportunity to experiment. The smells are incredible, the bottles look out on a shelf and they would cost a fraction of what linen sprays cost in stores. (this 8 oz. bottle is almost $40. those guys are crazy!) These sprays only require 3 ingredients and 10 minutes and you'll be spraying them all the time, I promise. 

You will only need:
water (distilled or tap is fine)
witch hazel 
bottles with spray tops
 (I got THESE for myself and THESE for giving away)
 (since I don't know enough about oils yet to invest in $100 bottles of lavender, these worked just great for me. they say 100% pure, they got great reviews, and that's all I know.)  
small funnel
measuring cup
jar with tight lid (for mixing and shaking) 

so for mixing, your general rule is 1oz. X 10drops X 3oz. (witch hazel, oil, water) and depending on the size of your bottles, you may be doubling or tripling recipes (that's what I did for my big bottles) and that's totally fine. so basically, for every 1 ounce of witch hazel, you'll use 10 drops of oil and 3 ounces of water. does that make sense? 

so for my bigger bottle, i used 2 ounces of witch hazel, 20 drops of oil and 6 ounces of water. pretty easy math, right? get out your calculater if you're having any trouble :) 

first mix your witch hazel and oils in your jar. there are two million recipes online for oil spray, but I think an easy rule of thumb is to just keep like scents together. Keep your earth smells together, your stronger smells (lavender, vanilla)  together and etcetera. experiment! that's the fun! 
add the lid and shake the hell out of it for about 20 seconds.
(the point of the witch hazel is to mix with the oil, making it mix better later with the water. witch hazel smells awful, but just ignore it) 
once mixed, add your water. put your lid back on and shake for another 20 seconds.
remove lid and, using your funnel, pour the mixture into your pretty brown bottle and screw on spray top. 
add a label if you want, but i left mine blank. that way, whenever they run out, the owner of the bottle can make their own new spray! and there ya have it! easy as can be gifts for everyone. happy gifting!! 

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