Blue and White Porcelain Bowls

there are about two million big changes coming my way as of late and I'm excited for all of them. well, actually that isn't true. just two big changes; my best friend and roommate, Jon, is moving out of our apartment that we've had together for 5 whole years and my boyfriend is moving in. cha cha cha changes, people! and as sad as I am, I'm excited for what the future holds for all of us. and one big change that I can't wait to start on is renovating my kitchen!! So I'll go into more details as the project actually gets started, but the main goal is to get more light in my little cave of a kitchen. As of now the space is filled with dark countertops, dark slate floors, and mocha colored walls so I'm envisioning open wood shelving, bright white walls and lots of pretty tableware! So since my bowls and plates will be displayed for the world and I've had the same ugly ones forever, I figured now is time to treat my kitchen to some new beauties. So what are your thoughts on these blue and white porcelain beauties? I'm obsessed. I see a lot of beautiful porcelain pieces come through our site at my day job and I just love how delicate and unique each piece is. I've got a little time to navigate through the internet and find the pieces that are best for me before this project is over, but the goal is to find deep bowls with a variety of blue patterns against a white backing... and to not completely break the bank. Don't you just love them?? 
all images via amazon. 


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