yesterday, i discovered goat cheese balls. and today, i went up a jean size.

when i was little, you could find me planted firmly in the kitchen right in front of the cheeseball at pretty much any holiday party. thank you to my grandma for always keeping it right in front for easy accessibility to a 7-year-old. and now, even though I'm an adult and have to keep some wits about me in public settings, I'm always happy - dare i say tickled- to see a cheeseball in the middle of appetizers at a party (as long as it isn't covered in nuts. then I'm out) and i don't know what it is about cheeseballs that keep me from making them year round -because the ingredients are cheap and few- but it just seems like they're only appropriate to eat at holiday parties and not just when I'm sitting in my houseshoes watching The Office... like right now. but I'm 28 years old, damn it. i work hard all week and pay my bills and i deserve cheeseballs whenever i want!! can i get a hell yeah?!

soooo when I kept seeing recipes for Goat Cheese Balls popping up all over, I knew I had to try it. I love goat cheese on salads and pizzas and right out of the wrapper so I knew this recipe would probably be a new favorite and I wasn't wrong. The ingredients are easy and cheap and the whole process takes about 5 minutes. 6, if you count trying to make your tray look pretty. and i repeat, this tray photographed was literally just for me to enjoy. this holiday season is comin' up all Jamie Dawn and I'll be treating myself till spring. 

1 package cream cheese
3 cups of crumbled goat cheese 
1 cup of shredded cheddar
1/4 tsp salt 
1/4 tsp pepper 
1 teaspoon chives 

mix all items in a bowl, or stand mixer. 
once mixed, use your hands to form the mixture into balls. 
(i chose to make smaller once and saved one in the fridge)

garnish on top with pistachios, nuts (unless I'm invited to your party. then please, don't) berries, chives, poppy seeds, chopped herbs or dried beef. 
Tip: with smaller chopped garnishes, try rolling your ball for a more even coating!
serve with bread, veggies, chips or crackers.

so there you have it, the easiest appetizer for either a day in your pajamas or a treat to share this holiday season. i plan on using it to impress my new beau's family this Christmas and i shall report back. 


  1. Hi Jaime! Do you really mean 1/4 CUP of both salt and pepper....those both seem like a TON.

    1. Whoa, Such a typo! 1/4 TEASPOON! Thanks Kelly!


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