10 things that are amazing around the internet

for all of those wasted minutes waiting for your subway, now you can DATE WHILE YOU WAIT

one of my favorite recipes for one of my favorite summer foods HERE

i've always wondered who buys houses from SCARY MOVIES …apparently no one.

THIS VIDEO  shows how men's hair styles have changed over 100 years. plus, he's a babe so.

RIP to Prince. one of my favorite videos of his performances HERE

i love Cincinnati and i love my liquor. so here's our newest DISTILLERY

lists like these are my favorite. the top things you should keep in your kitchen PANTRY

i don't know shit about working out. but maybe THIS GUIDE will help?

The Office is hands down my favorite show. so HERE'S some of my favorite quotes.

the season is upon us! flea markets! this guide give some great tips. click HERE


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