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around this apartment lately, things are changing. for more reasons than one but because this is the internet, we'll just focus on the way it's being decorated. i used to want this space filled with bright colors and wild decor but lately i'm embracing a much more natural way of going about it. all the elements coming in are either alive (all of my plant babies) or very very much dead haha. what is my obsession lately with bones, i have no idea. but as a bartender with a few regulars that pay attention, i'm striking gold. i've had numerous people come in to my bar now with skeletons from their yards and are willing to give them away to me, knowing that i love the creepy things! i can't explain it. but aren't they great? here's a quick WE'RE TALKIN QUICK run thru of how things are lookin lately. 
this new deer skull is a day old in my house and lives proudly on the piano. i picked up my first himalayan salt lamp when i got back from new orleans and i love it so much. the light that comes from it is amazing, it purifies the air and it's extremely soothing. i loathe the color pink so that should indicate just how much i love that thing. 
as a bartender, my wet bar has become kind of embarrassingly sad and withered away. i'm trying to fix that one bottle at a time. i picked up this Rekya a few days ago and it's climbing the charts. i'm a vodka drinker thru and thru and tito's has always been my go to. but if you're feelin adventurous, try Rekya. it's scary smooth and you can't beat the price. 
oh my dear dear bull skull. i have been looking for one of these bad boys for years, you guys. i even gave myself a pretty large budget while i was in new orleans thinking i might find one there. but no luck. i even craiglisted my way back home from louisiana. i literally just kept switching my city location and emailing people for their skull ads, trying to bargain hunt before we would pass the exits. but no luck again. so wouldn't it just figure that i picked this guy up for $60 (i know. i hate me too) 3 blocks from my apartment right here in cincinnati. good things comes to those who wait, clearly. 
all of my plant babies are thriving right now and i'm jazzed about it. i have such an addictive personality and i'm glad that each one of them is doing well and seem to be staying alive just fine. yay. 
my vanity fair book was my one souvenir from New Orleans. we went into the most wonky little book store. floor to ceiling and wall to wall books everywhere and i figured it would make for a decent coffee table book. was i right or was i right?

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