those thoughts you keep in your phone's notepad

does anybody else just THINK something sometimes and you just have to write it down? that's what this is. i just cleaned out my phone's notepad and here's what we found. yikes:


i have plenty of issues and i'm not working on any of them. 

having 300 mutual friends with your mother on Facebook and they are all your classmates from 10 years ago has become my reality. and when she knows that the kid i sat next to in third grade is now married with a kid, it might be time to delete this account. 

you know your life has taken a turn for the worst when you're doing your x boyfriend/roommate's laundry for extra cash and saving your bath water to mop your floors with. 

looking for the silver lining is when you get pulled over the officer tells you that you have one of the prettiest driver's license photos she's ever seen. 

i'll be single until i don't see my friend's boyfriends on dating sites anymore. 

it irritates the hell out of me when i can't "skip ad" oh my goddd let me live. 

i can go from listening to the celtic woman to Alanis to drake real quick.

when i was little, my mom actually paid me money to try a mushroom and a tomato. i'll never forget it. for some reason we were in the car outside of my aunt's house and i cried. and now, i can't get enough  tomatoes. how does that happen? 

if you don't have the one crazy/weird/different/maybe kinda slutty friend in your group, then it's you. don't change, though, every group needs one. 

you know your'e the type of person that can't let things go when you are watering your crunchy brown plants and just hoping for the best. 

i talk to myself, as well as argue with myself, and then we makeup. 

i think of night lights around your house as a luxury reserved for the rich. i stayed at my mom's house the other night and my god, there's a path to every bathroom in that house paved by the way of twinkly lights plugged into the walls about shin high. there's some symbolism there; while the poor are stumbling around, stubbing toes and lost in the universe, the wealthier class knows exactly where they're headed. was this too deep? i dont know.

while every chick out there loves a romantic date filled with fancy meals and having their door opened, i prefer a night of cleaning out my purse and sitting next to that special person while they watch the game. and i call all games "the game" because they are all "the game" in my opinion. case and point, be with someone that you like to do nothing with, but together.

maybe it's an ohio thing. or just me, i don't know. but all target bathrooms smell like fruity pebbles and all movie theater bathrooms smell like the anti-bacterial soap you're supposed to put on your first tattoo.
speaking of smells, our local casino smells like what i think a marital affair would smell like. cigarettes and shame. 


do you ever… think about things? i love when people think. 


  1. Hahaha "crazy/weird/different/maybe kinda slutty friend" that is me. For sure. I definitely shake up the "getting married/buying a house/moving in together" dynamic of the rest of my friends!

  2. I like this kind of post. My notepad on my phone is mostly filled with links to photos of hair colors I like, random family quotes or lyrics to songs so I could google it later when I got home and figure out what the song is haha

  3. OH Yeah, those few times i have an original thought I always pop it in a note on the iPhone.


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