red river camping day two

after finishing a bottle of bourbon and deciding to pass out, i was excited for day two of our trip. i stupidly left my biggest blanket in the car and practically froze to death but pulled thru. i was actually having dreams about how cold it was only to wake up and realize it was still that cold. awful. BUT! day two proved not to disappoint and was filled with trails, scenic photo opps and pizzaaaaa. 

there's something so calming about being out in the woods even if it's just for a day or two. i breath better, my anxiety seems to drop a bit and i'm just a little bit more at ease. don't get me wrong, i'm always happy to get home back to my police sirens outside and chinese take out but being able to experience nature is always a good time. big thanks to the roomie for heading out with me, thank you to bronson for not peeing in the tent and thank you to bourbon for keeping my body temperature above 80. here's a few photos from day two of our trip. 
always the best part of the trip is the "build your own pizza" slices at Miguels. 
there's a spot i've been wanting to see called "natural bridge" that is exactly what it sounds like. a huge bridge that's made from rock and has been there forever. by this point in the day, i wasn't prepared for a long hike (that pizza, yo) so we opted for a sky lift ride up to the top. and thank god we did, because that hike would have been brutal. jon was panicking a little bit because those things wobble and bounce and this particular one was steep as hell but here were, survivors. 
i'll never understand why people throw their belongings onto things but here's a photo of it anyway. 
see?!? so steep!
along the trail to get to the bridge. it got a little tight!
get a load of that view! the top photo was taken of the bridge and the bottom photo was taken across the way. 
thanks again, red river! until next time! 

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