Red River Camping day one!

while california gets their amazing beaches and new york has their city skylines, us mid westerners get our bragging rights for our fall season beauty! the foliage around here is "stop your car and pull over and take photos" worthy and i've been telling the roomie for a few weeks that i wanted to get at least one last trip out to the gorge before it got way to cold out. that dude is always happy to pack up a knife and a few cans of chicken and head out into the woods so he was happy to go. a few hours on the road and we were there! the last trip we made out to camp, i wasn't thrilled with our site choices (night one was out in the actual wilderness and it was terrifying and night two was spent in a camp ground while being surrounded by way too many damn strangers) but we met up with friends last time that had the best location everrrr so we memorized their camp spot because OH MY GOD their view was bananas. so we back tracked our way to find it and set up camp just in time to pour out some bourbon and cokes and watch the sunset on the side of a cliff. pretty gorgeous stuff, even when your white knuckle holding your dog's leash because he's insane and doesn't fear the cliff side. as always, i took way too many photos so i broke this post up into day one and day two. soooo here ya go! 
i'm the most obnoxious person to be around if i have my camera in hand, but rest assured if you're lookin' good i'll be happy to shoot your pic!
the most handsome boy out in the woods. he's the most happy running up and down trails, marking every tree, eating the dirt and sleeping on my lap in a lawn chair. i love him. 
camping IS bourbon and coke
people carved so many memories into this cliff side. 

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