Mark Mothersbaugh of DEVO at the CAC

last night, i got the opportunity to check out the new exhibit at the Cincinnati Art Center AND participate in a "drink and draw" it was a wild night filled with brightly colored pieces of work, drawing challenges for us to all attempt and let's not forget the booze! after a few drinks, it's much easier to let your pencil get a little more creative on the paper but don't get me wrong- i am NO artist. we're talking stick figures over here. i can sing a song and i can tell a joke but drawing an eyeball or a tree or a bird is not gonna happen. but i went to the show with one of my most talented artist friends and another one of our girlfriends actually gave the tour of the exhibit. 

the show was featuring the artist Mark Mothersbaugh, the founder of DEVO (you know the song, Whip It? yeah, that guy!) it was riiiight up my alley in terms of art. it was easy to walk thru and enjoy, it was weird, it was off the wall and very risqué. so after walking thru the exhibit and being totally inspired by the weirdness, we all went back to our tables and took another swig from our drinks and got to drawing. we drew each other and mirror images and even drew without looking. 

as the evening was starting to wrap up, we got the added bonus of actually skyping with the artist! he popped up on the overhead projector and we were able to talk to him and ask questions and he even judged our portraits that we drew of him. (i was shocked mine didn't win. you'll see when you scroll down haha) and he seemed like the type of guy you would want to be your neighbor. like he would probably shop at goodwill and he's probably been wearing the same shoes for 10 years. i love people like that. he was skyping us from hollywood boulevard and was more than happy to take time out to talk to us. this was the first time i've ever been thru an exhibit and then had the chance to see a world renowned artist in person …sort of. the guy even asked all of us if there was anything we would change about his exhibit or if there was anything we didn't like about it. that's pretty risky, right??
anyway, here's a few photos i snapped with my terrible quality phone just so i could make sure to remember the night. CLICK HERE  to check out more information on the exhibit!

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