a day at the renaissance festival!

last sunday, i cracked and decided a festival was in order. old habits die hard and the renaissance festival was always a must when i was little. it was more something that was enjoyed by my dad and myself but my mama was always a champion and went with us. we would order the turkey legs and buy head dresses and play all of the ridiculous games and we always always always left with a dragon egg. as an adult, i realize more and more how much time and money my parents spent in days like this! so last sunday i left sans dragon egg but still had a great day. it was a lot warmer out than i anticipated and i'm pretty sure all of cincinnati got the memo because EVERYONE was at the festival. i've never seen it so packed but as a firm cheerleader for cincinnati events, i was happy to wait in 10 minute long bathroom lines. ok, i wasn't happy but i didn't complain either, so. 
the roomie and i took the drive up and walked around and if you guys have ever been in years past, it has grown a lot. there's a lot more booths and vendors and lots of goodies. it took all of my strength not to buy all of that fur you'll see when you scroll down. so here's a few hundred photos of the day! if you plan on making the trip out, ORDER YOUR TICKETS ONLINE!! or somehow get them in advance. the line to get in the door was bananas and easily avoidable if you plan ahead!! 
 this was the crowd to get in the place. like i said, preorder those tickets!
 sooo much furrrrr
i've gotta brag on jon for a second. he did the tomato toss where you throw tomatoes at this guy that basically just sits back there and mocks you and gets in your head. he threw a few and missed and then smacked a tomato right thru the hole! it was pretty impressive and the crowd loved it.  
 this was taken right before the lady realized i was taking a picture of her butt. she laughed, thank god. 
the highlight of the day was when jon said that i MUST ride a camel since i never had and then we were informed that i wasn't allowed to ride it alone. so with a little coaxing i was able to get him to jump on board, too. it was hilarious. before we got on, we watched the worker bottle feed one of the camels with a bottle of gatorade. jon assumed the camel was probably hung over from the night before. 
 dragon eggs! as a kid, i would throw mine in my fish aquarium. as an adult, i just take photos of other people's and don't buy any. whoops!
 the best show ever. the kamikaze fireflies! 

take off work if you have to because everyone needs to experience this festival! and be sure to check online for discount codes and preorder options! 


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