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thinking is fun, and here's what's fun today::::

all days can be made better by blaring a little Alanis. 
crush up jalapeño cheese cheetos in your macaroni and cheese. 
watching videos of dad/baby combo halloween costumes has become my new favorite time killer 
does anyone know a good way to keep from biting your nails? 
does anyone remember their myspace log in information?
buy a 50 cent record every time you thrift. 
when you brush your teeth, hold the brush with your non dominant hand
i'm seeing so many good covers and mashups lately 
i regret piercing my belly button 
the leaves outside are that good kinda crunchy. get out there and stomp!
i need to start printing out photos again
  i feel very blessed to have such high ceilings & brick walls, but this place is never not dusty
i've gotten into a habit recently of using my broil oven setting much more. garlic bread and cookies
unless you're buying leather, buy a couch that allows for washable cushion covers
always love on the puppies that walk by
say yes to at least 3 things a day
say no at least once

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