Kit & Ace: one of OTR's newest shops!

it's always a good day to receive an email from a new local shop asking you to come in and see what they're all about. Cincinnati's Over the Rhine district is busting at the seams lately with all kinds of newness including restaurants, bars and this beautiful new clothing shop called Kit and Ace. a shop that offers the best thing since sliced bread: WASHABLE CASHMERE AT HOME! helloooo. cashmere has always sounded fancy and intimidating to me, something that was designed for winter months and was dry clean only. but Kit and Ace has broken the mold, offering light weight summer t's and tanks that breathe in the hotter months. and the best part is you can throw them in your washer at home! 

i got to come in and visit today and it was such a beautiful shop. the perfect blend of unique tops that would catch your eye across the room and every day basics that you could wear a few times a week (or is that just me?) the staff could not have been more sweet and welcoming. especially Zach, who was overly patient with me when i had to cancel my visit and reschedule due to a slight car towing situation.  ah, city life! the rest of the staff talked to me about weekend plans, the history of my blog and how long i've lived in the city. i don't know about you, but i'm always much more inclined to come back to a shop when the staff is friendly and talkative. that's probably because i like to talk to literally anyone that will listen but who knows. 

now back to the clothes! i left with a long sleeve t that i will probably be buried in, as it was the perfect fit and feel for me. super light weight and ready to layer with anything this fall. and it's that great shade of grey that matches literally everything i wear already. you know the gray i'm talking about. oh i love it. i see myself wearing it with a pair of cut off jean shorts and a bomber jacket with maybe some birks? i'm getting excited just thinking about it. 

after reading up on their site about the history of the shop and how their process works, i'm even more happy to support the brand. the cashmere comes from goats of Mongolia (happy goats, specifically) and each piece of clothing is made with care and consideration. so for anyone that is ready to advance their closet, head in to Kit and Ace. Their clothes are the perfect blend of high end and easy wear (they call it "Technical Luxury" and when i read that term i just thought to myself YUP! THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT IT IS!   i'm ready to go back in the next few days and pick up a few more t shirts and long sleeves. whites and grays, please!

also, their Fall line is to be released in September so be ready for that!! 
and here's a few photos that we shot while checking out Kit and Ace. 
^ my new shirt! i love her. 
^ no, like, i really love her. 


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