a cincinnati dinner event. with the cystic fibrosis foundation

it's rare that i get the opportunity to blog for functions that are for a good cause. not to say that it doesn't serve you all better that i show you how to stain a thrifted dresser or how to make homemade macaroons, but we can all agree that this space is used mostly for fun and randomness. last thursday, i broke out of that box and had the chance to experience an event for a great cause that was complete with the most yummy of menus. Yeah, you'll definitely want to read on.

I was asked to come and experience the Young People's Cystic Fibrosis Foundation where ladies and gents are able to come and give to an amazing cause, all while experiencing some of the best food and wine that our city has to offer. It was a fancy shmancy night to say the least and, though I felt slightly underdressed in my leather jacket and black jeans (that's about as fancy as Jamie Dawn gets), it was a beautiful event. I walked around, shot photos of all dishes around me and got a chance to talk to the creators of each dish. The night was hosted at the Bell Event Centre and was put on by some of the best ladies that I was lucky enough to meet. I can't even put into words how much passion was oozing out of this place. Not only is the Bell one of the most gorgeous spaces I've ever been inside, but everyone there was proud. Proud to be serving food and wine, proud to be giving to a cause and proud of our city accomplishments. Here's some of my favorite shots of the night...

is there anything better than an adorable man? in a bow tie? surrounded by tiers of cupcakes? 
Yeah, I didn't think so. 
Vegetarian Dumplings from Sung Korean Bistro. Two dumplin' lovin' thumbs way way up. 
Tell me these windows aren't gorgeous...
Anytime I can find a cheeseburger that can be eaten in two bites I instantly fall in love with it. But at events like this, I held back. Bravo, Feed The People, you guys did good by me!

Not pictured were the cauliflower balls (deep fried vegetables. Pretty much the only way that I like them) Alfio's stuffed ravioli (which was probably my personal favorite of the night. Again, with the self control. Because I wanted to eat the whole pot) and Maggiano's pasta with sauce that literally melted in my mouth. 
that CEILING! I died. 
Did I mention that all restaurants were competing for the best dish, wine and beer? It was a fun and extremely competitive night but in the best taste, of course. Everyone wanted to win the title of Best in the City simply for the bragging rights. Restaurants were sure to pair their dishes with the best wines and beers and it was obvious that they did their homework. The smoothest red wine came from Incline Public House and my favorite beer was the Crossbones. After a few glasses, though, that room was getting hotter and I was getting friendlier so I knew it was time to take a seat and sip some water. But it was all just too good! 
I wasn't prepared to see my blog logo pop up on the projector screen, but you can be sure that I snapped this pic, sent it to my mom and got kind of excited about it. You can roll your eyes at me now. 
The 3 superwomen that make this event possible. But I gotta say that the one in the glasses was the real star of the night. She got up on stage and pulled at your heart strings knowing what she's been through. She was especially awesome when the MC of the night asked her "So tell me about your dress" and she responded in the sweetest of voices "it's yellow"
Like I said, there was just so much passion, hard work and love in this room and I'm so happy I got the chance to come and watch it happen. If you're able to, be sure and check out the link up top and see how you can donate. The food alone is worth coming, but giving to a good cause is always more important. 

Thanks again, ladies. I had a blast and a full belly for hours!  


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  1. It looks like it was a great event and the venue is spectacular !! That organ ! Gad to hear you had a great time :)


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