Wee! It's the Weekend!

Even though my week actually starts on Fridays (bartender life, am i right?) I still love a good weekend. My markets are open and my friends are more available to play and hang out with me. How sad is that to say out loud? But it was a good week. Like, a really good one. Here's my week's highlights:::

> That above photo is what happens in my apartment when the outside world is covered in snow and driving anywhere isn't an option. you clean. you wash your couch cushions and you rearrange your kitchen and you steam clean your carpets. Then you post a photo of reality onto the internet for the world to see. enjoy that. 

oh and hey, for extra fun while you read through this hot mess, listen to Ellie or Kelly and bop your head along.

And then watch this video because it's precious. 
Ellie obsessed over here. But don't you think it would be weird to film a music video acting like you're in love? unless you were in fact in love? or i guess that's what acting is? i'm rambling. carry on. but really, watch this video! >

> this is what Cincinnati in the winter looks like. those birds are crazy. I hope they have on UGG's under that water. 

> My favorite show House of Cards started back up today and I'm giddy. Kevin freakin Spacey. and to celebrate him, watch him impersonate other celebs. It's real good.

> I found the most simple and delicious recipe for hummus. roasted red pepper specifically. It's Here.

>I went on a date last night with a boy that works at a coffee shop. He let me come behind the counter and taught me how to make a latte. So naturally, I want to now master THIS.

 >I'm so ready for the snow to be gone. I miss my shorts and t shirts. Also, two hot baths a day has become normal around here. I get bored and sing and watch netflix on my phone while I'm in there but whatever.

> a few reasons why boys in their 20's date women in their 30's Here.

> I can't decide what it is I like or don't like about the jumpsuit. On one hand, they're versatile enough to be dressed up and down. but on the other, they do nothing for my ass and it's a huge process if you have to pee. jury's out.

> this week I also got a wild hair (Pun very much intended) to go back to my suuuuper blonde ombre. a blonde lifestyle suits me, I think. If you're in the Cinci area, Tiff at Pump is the bomb.

>My new favorite booties that I will be buried in. 

> i got to have a movie date with my best down in clifton. we went and saw Cake. I didn't know anything about the movie except that Jennifer Aniston was going to look awful in it and what else is there to know? 

> and this face, because we have stayed in a lot the past few weeks. I feel awful because I know he's bored out of his cute little mind, but it's just too cold outside for a pit. last week, we took a walk to the petstore to get his food. It's about 5 blocks away and the poor guy couldn't make it. So I carried him. I carried my 55 pound pit bull in the snow back to his home and I'm not sorry about it. just look at him! 

Have a great weekend, loves! Don't do anything I wouldn't do. 


  1. Love your hair and as always, your apartment...even when it's messy. I've been meaning to see Cake, but haven't gotten around to it yet. Was it good?

    1. it was amazing!! one of jennifer anistons best, i think.


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