Princess for a day

it's good to have a best friend that likes going on adventures as much as you do. like mine. she's the best. she laughs with me and cries with me and explores castles with me. check us out being princesses for a day.  this castle is up in loveland, a little north of cincinnati and was built by hand over a hundred years ago. rumor is that it's haunted so i made sure to try and stay close to maria during our walk through (i assume she would protect me!) it was a gorgeous day though and i'm happy we got to spend it outside doing something new for a change! and not to mention, this place just got me excited for the renaissance festival, am i right?? 

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  1. My mom told me about this castle a few years ago and I've really wanted to go there since! The pictures are gorgeous, so now I'm even more convinced. Renaissance Festival for the win!


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