ok so last month, at the city flea, a vendor had about 20 of these pull down maps. vintage, of course. and i turned around for a split second and then turned back around and then they were all gone and then i was sad for days. i've searched ebay (they are practically a million dollars on there) and kept an eye out at every flea and antique shop. no luck. so i went out on a limb and put in on facebook "hey any of my teacher friends! (i have a lot of teacher friends) will you guys keep an eye out for me for a pull down classroom map?" i just sort of put it up to cover my bases but figured nothing would really come about it. and thennnnn a girl that graduated a year above me, that i've never even spoken to, messaged me "hey girl! i found you a map. when can you pick it up?" and i about fell over in happiness. so we went to pick it up, and it's absolutely perfect. isn't it gorgeous? never even been used mind you. 
oh, and I've been really into making smoothies, lately. irrelevant. 



  1. im super jealous. and now i must find a pull down map. i was head over heels when i found a perfectly vintage globe at the salvation army a couple months ago.

  2. Hey Jamie :) Would you mind if I submitted your link to a fellow blogger in France that is interested in doing guest posts based on bloggers home interiors? He asked me today if I wanted to participate (which I am). I remembered how amazing your place is and what a brilliant eye for design you have. I think you'd be well suited for this project. If you're interested, when you get a chance send me a quick email.

  3. OMG! Everyone thinks I'm crazy, but this is exactly what I'm looking for to hang above my couch! Where in the world did your friend get it?!

  4. I'm pretty sure I just found this exact one on ebay! Purchased it immediately! Never would have bought it, if I hadn't seen it on your wall first! (Ebay pictures weren't too good) It's perfect though! I've been looking for months now so I am so so so excited for it to arrive!


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