so some very sweet neighbors of mine us left a few basil plants on my stoop and for that, i am eternally grateful. fresh basil, you guys. like 8 plants full of gorgeous basil leaves. well, it's starting to take over my front window, i knew it was time to use some of this food gold. and so, my pesto was born! do you have any idea how easy pesto is? it's embarrassing how easy it is. but here's a recipe anyways. 
you'll need:
// 2 cups packed basil
// 2 cloves of garlic
// 2/3 cup Extra virgen olive oil
// 1/2 cup romano cheese 
// 1/4 cup pine nuts 
// salt and pepper to taste.
// a food processor. i got one from WalMart for $10

// Put everything in your processor except your oil. 
mix everything for a few seconds,  then slowly add in your oil. 
and. that's. it. your house will smell like an italian heaven and your dinner will thank you.

we threw it on pasta with chicken and tomatoes. so so goood! 

i put this stuff on everything. chicken breast, bagels with tomatoes, cereal … whatever! enjoy! 

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