if there's two things i love to get down on it's a local event and food. and last night my artsy fartsy friend Laura invited me out to the dreamiest of events. it's put on by two ladies that started modern makers and i really loved what they are bringing to our area. anyways, the entire show was centered around food. salty, sweet, bitter. you get the idea. there are waaaay too many photos in this post, but i just couldn't help it. there was just too much good material there! the playlist was hilarious (all food oriented) we ate off of clipboards. and we were literally picking the food off of the wall. amazing. talented. delicious. 
oh that? that's just an interpretive dance featuring homemade lollipops. fanfreakingtastic.
there was a very interesting/educational ?? video playing up on the wall. i feel smarter.
and this, my friends, is the reason i came. my friend Laura made this piece and i'm obsessed with it. she makes these little precious rodents and takes them all over cincinnati. she takes their photo then leaves them there. she passed out a bunch to us and now we get to be a part of the project. i'm taking some up to our coffee shop today and i'm sure they'll love it. oh, and we gotta hashtag #themouseproject on our photos. how fun is that?? 
i didn't even notice when i first got the event that there were some outside. how cute is this!?!? i know, i know- art is not really suppose to be cute. but.... they're mice in a can! c'mon! 
R.I.P little mouse
we wrapped up the night gettin' down with the general mills cereal creature. 
then we watched him drive away. 


  1. Wow, this looks awesome. Very interesting!


  2. this is so awesome! art & food: two of my most favorite things in one - love it. I would totally love going to something like this!

  3. I'm now hungry and thinking I need to go and support our local art shows more often. Looks like a lot of fun and interesting!!

  4. El Malott and the Forealism Tribe!
    Cool stuff.

  5. Bent spoons with cupcakes... I just died. So cute!

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