nothing like a good concert to get the summer spring -whatever this is- started! seriously, what is like where you live? here, it was snowing one day and 80 the next. no exaggeration. it was 82 today. what is going on!? not complaining though. i'll take sweat over frost bite any day.

 columbus is very different from what I'm use to. most people think of northside as a sort of a "hipster" town? i guess? (that sounds so annoying) and when we visit other places, i sort of agree. i hate to categorize us, but what are ya gonna do?? i felt a little out of place from lack of wearing a lacoste polo, but hey- they knew how to throw a great concert! until next time, Ohio state!



  1. Love these pictures so much! We're going to see the cold war kids with the lumineers in June!

  2. of course you are, twin sister!! and man, i love the lumineers.

  3. I'm not even sure how I stumbled across your blog, but I am glad I did! you are adorable. And I am moving from Nevada to Cincinnati in the fall. so it's kinda interesting to see a little bit of where I will be living soon! haha.
    Also, so jealous of the concert. I'd kill to go to one!

  4. oh, welcome candice!! and thank you, you're too sweet! you'll love it here! except for the cold :)


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