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Posted on: 9.28.2012

it's a really healthy dish (it's not) and it is ideal to eat the entire pan by yourself (it's not)
enjoy! and enjoy your treadmill in the morning...


Posted on: 9.27.2012

today was a gloomy, rainy day and i was bored out of my mind. i haven't actaully shop shopped in a while, so i figured why the hell not. i found two of these bowls at the thrift store last week for 75 cents each, so naturally i had to go to anthropologie to get a few more to match. shame on me! but i love them... i've loved them for a while so... again... why the hell not! i also got this gorgeous printed rug at tj maxx for a steal and a metal crate on clearance, too. i've been stripping & staining a nightstand for days (it has felt like arms have never looked more toned)  and it has been a nightmare, so i bought a nice dresser knob to keep my eyes on the prize & to keep from throwing the sander through a wall! sometimes a little retail therapy is all a girl needs, ya know? 


Posted on: 9.22.2012

last night, i had so much fun driving out to my old high school. it was "cheerleader alumni night" and my friend Maria and I thought it would be fun to take the hour long drive from Cincinnati to attend. we wore these LOVELY hot pink look-at-me-whether-you-want-to-or-not t shirts and we were amongst women that were older than my mama!! we're talking 50 year old women jumping around with pon poms (and doing a damn good job, i might add) we got there and were shoved out onto the track where the cheerleaders perform. we danced along to some of the old cheers and it was crazy how many of them i could recall! most days i can't even remember my bank account number but i remembered these freakin' cheers after 6 years like it was nothing. go figure! well, actually, i did practice a little bit. when i was getting ready yesterday, i grabbed my poms and did cheers...  in our livingroom... in my underwear. (don't worry, jon filmed it without me knowing so there is in fact proof of this) anyways, they announced all of our names and it was neat to hear it again after all of those years. my mom and i went to the same highschool so she came out last night and we both had a bit of a reunion. Can't wait 'til the next one. Go Rams!! 


Posted on: 9.16.2012

nothing too crazy to report about around here. a few days ago, my mom and i went to the ohio valley antique mall (my home away from home) and obviously spent far too many hours going up and down each aisle, looking at the same items that have been there for months. whatever. i love it! 

OTR Gateway

Posted on: 9.06.2012

as a teenager that grew up in the country, i had little to no idea what the city really was. but by the time "Friends" came out on tv i decided i wanted to be a city girl. like it was something i could turn into i guess? i can handle that! loud noises? crime? gum stuck to everything?  but then it happens- the moment. the moment you're living alone Carrie Bradshaw style and a rat runs through your apartment. you realize oh god, what have i done. i was not cut out for this life.  and so, here i am. and here i'll stay. Cincinnati is just enough city for me. i can't say it enough how much i love it here. today i went exploring around the OTR gateway. i love it down there for its shops, like Park + Vine, and all of little boutiques and graphic design studios. the whole area smells like hot dogs and looks like an art project.
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