it's a really healthy dish (it's not) and it is ideal to eat the entire pan by yourself (it's not)
enjoy! and enjoy your treadmill in the morning...




today was a gloomy, rainy day and i was bored out of my mind. i haven't actaully shop shopped in a while, so i figured why the hell not. i found two of these bowls at the thrift store last week for 75 cents each, so naturally i had to go to anthropologie to get a few more to match. shame on me! but i love them... i've loved them for a while so... again... why the hell not! i also got this gorgeous printed rug at tj maxx for a steal and a metal crate on clearance, too. i've been stripping & staining a nightstand for days (it has felt like weeks...my arms have never looked more toned)  and it has been a nightmare, so i bought a nice dresser knob to keep my eyes on the prize & to keep from throwing the sander through a wall! sometimes a little retail therapy is all a girl needs, ya know? 



OTR Gateway

as a teenager that grew up in the country, i had little to no idea what the city really was. but by the time "Friends" came out on tv i decided i wanted to be a city girl. like it was something i could turn into i guess? i can handle that! loud noises? crime? gum stuck to everything?  but then it happens- the moment. the moment you're living alone Carrie Bradshaw style and a rat runs through your apartment. you realize oh god, what have i done. i was not cut out for this life.  and so, here i am. and here i'll stay. Cincinnati is just enough city for me. i can't say it enough how much i love it here. today i went exploring around the OTR gateway. i love it down there for its shops, like Park + Vine, and all of little boutiques and graphic design studios. the whole area smells like hot dogs and looks like an art project.
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