beer fest in indianapolis!

I just got home from a short overnight trip to Indianapolis and i'm exhausted! i've only been there once before and it was during probably one of the worst snow storms in the past 5 years so i don't think i had the best opinion of this lovely city. it was a good time though being that it was only 2 hours away from Cinci and one of the cleanest cities i've ever been to! we originally went for a beer tasting convention with my aunt and uncle and it turned out to be a bar crawl all over the place! we first got there and i was absolutely starving so we stopped at what i thought was a food festival of some sort. it turned out to be a Mexican Festival. what that was exactly we weren't sure. but it turned out to be meat on a stick, overly crowded sidewalks and margaritas everywhere in the meeting of the town square. very interesting to say the least. i didn't eat there.
so we went over to old pointe tavern so that we could get some grease in us before beer tasting. this bar/restaurant was really cute inside with lots of original artwork on the walls and your classic bar foods. plus, we could smoke inside which is always a plus. (it's gross, i know) 
this was one of the beers we tried. Jon, whose last name is Floyd, I'm sure found it humorous :)

we left the tavern and went over to the beer tasting where we left with multiple 4packs of beers from sun king brewery this place was really neat on the inside. just a giant warehouse set up for beer making and touring. we got cans of their Osiris and i am now in love with it! we left the brewery to head over to one of the more interesting bar set ups i've ever been to. it was in the corner of an indoor farmers market.. where no other stores were running. odd but neat i suppose!! 

we went to numerous other bars, ate at Webber for dinner and watched a live band over at the Slippery Noodle the oldest bar in Indiana. Such a good weekend!! 

getting a little glossy eyed after all those beers! 


  1. Hello! I am so glad you stopped by my page! Love cupcakes and cashmere. :) This beer tasting looked fun, love the shots. Inspiration through Fermentation, i want that shirt, haha. Hope all is well with you!! Looking forward to following your blog!


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