skydiving? no sweat!

one thing on my list of "stuff to do before labor day" was skydiving. this was a biggie. probably one of those things i put on the list anticipating it not actually ever being done, let alone before the summer ending. everyone i know says they want to skydive before they die, but i don't know how many people actually go through with it... well, we did. 

waking up this morning, i was an absolute panicked wreck but as we pulled up to the airport, i became shockingly calm. i was cautious as anyone would be, but not nearly as scared as i anticipated myself being. i thought i would chicken out. i thought the weather would turn cloudy. i was sure something would happen and i would leave the airport without having had my first skydiving experience. but it didn't. we got there at about 2 in the afternoon and were told we would be up in the air around 3. but one complication lead to another and our jump kept getting pushed back farther and farther. we snacked on chips and pop, listened to 90's music and watching the pro's pack their parachutes. 

up we went in the plane and there was no turning back. we went up 13000 feet into a clear blue sky only to plummet out into it. stepping up to the edge of the plane door, i knew there was no turning back now! i began laughing nervously and just saying "oh my god" over and over.  my instructor was awesome and very light hearted which kept me calm... once you're up that high, it doesn't even feel real. the ground looks like one big green grid with splotches of blue water. on the count of 3 we jumped out without a second to think twice about it. i'm so glad we did it. it was a once in a lifetime experience that i'm so glad i got to have. but doing it again? not sure yet :)

the perfect way to bring in September!! 


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