a new year and an old friend

Gah, we are just one week into 2018 and I'm already feeling more at ease and less anxious than I did last year. Blame it on a nightmare election, planning a wedding, or several other large life experiences but 2017 kicked my ass. After the confetti settled on the New Years Eve celebration, I sat down with my brand new husband and told him I want this next year to count. I want us to not only make goals, but knock them outta the park. (one of my personal NY resolutions is to try and understand sports more. Hence the "knock them outta the park" slang.) We landed on five that were important for us as a newly married couple including taking more advantage of our city and going out in it more, cooking together 4 nights a week, and being more honest with each other. That last one is probably the one I want to focus on the most. I jokingly say that lying is OK if it doesn't hurt anyone's feelings but lately I've realized that that might not be the best road to lead one's life down so nothing but the truth in this house, no matter how brutal! ... oh, and no more shoes in the house. Oh my god, you guys. I've had some extra days off of work lately during our slow season and have been taking full advantage while I can. I've cleaned and purged this house from top to bottom. We're talking vacuumed out the heating ducts, organized the toolboxes, and cleaned the glass window on the oven. But the most disgusting of all the cleaning projects was our floors. Wood floors + a cat + salt & snow + sidewalk germs = me crying. I must have dumped the mop water 5 times from the bathtub and when I was done, the sun was actually gleaming off of the floor. One of my best friends has a no shoe rule in her house and while I love to make fun of her for it, I now get it 100%.

and! speaking of friends how cool is this. I woke up this morning to a message on good old Facebook. It was from my best friend back in high school and she wrote to tell me that she was in town with her husband and wanted to get together for a drink. Fast forward a few hours later, and I was downtown sitting bar stool to bar stool with the girl that ate lunch with me and knew the finer details of when I lost my virginity. My best friend from middle school and high school that I hadn't seen in nearly 10 years! Like any introverted extrovert, I entered the bar feeling like I was going to throw up and wanting to run away but from the second we started talking, I was glad she reached out. It's wild to see your friends from your childhood as adults and hear them talk about their lives and what they've gone on to do. It's also funny to hear them refer to a person that you don't know as their "best friend" because uhhh last time I checked, back in 2006, we were besties... 

2018, is this the kind of awesomeness I should expect for this year? Or are you just showing off? 


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