our junk room turned into an office last week

hey! life lately has been upside down bananas. planning a wedding has been so much fun but I gotta tell you, it can be mad stressful. We are getting married in November so time is moving fast and it's pretty much my main focus in my spare time. But look at us! in a month, we've gotten pretty much all the big details out of the way so now we just kinda wait? i guess? who knows. this is my first wedding, after all :) but anyway, while planning a wedding has been a ball, there was still some love needing to get put into this apartment, primary the back room. Slowly but surely we've kind of gone room to room giving it a little bit of love. When Jon moved out, it was a sad day. But as much as I was sad to see him move out, I was happy to pull up the disgusting carpet and paint the smoke stained walls. I post many months back that I wanted to paint the back room this gorgeous emerald green and I couldn't have been happier with it. We plan to build a double desk the length of the wall but for now, our little Ikea desk will have to do! I'm a sucker for a good collage wall so we covered it in a mixture of our art pieces. 
the nude woman was a painting I won off of Everything but the House and that abstract piece up there? the one with the black paint strokes throughout? that was made by my precious 4-year-old pseudo neice per my request. I love it so much because she made it with her little baby hands. Like everything else, this room will be a work in progress. I'm on the prowl for a gorgeous rug and an old leather cigar chair for the corner but for now, here are a few photos! yay! office space! 

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