Monday Rants

some of my favorite posts come after a few too many vodka tonics or some mysterious beer that was hiding in the back of my fridge… tonights post is brought to you by one of those mini bottles of pinot g.
and here we go…

this was a glorious sunday indeed and i hope everyone else felt the same. it started with a walk down into northside to try out a new burger spot. i looove my little corner of this city because it has everything i need but one thing we've been lacking is a really good burger spot and hip hip hooray it is now here. the place is called Tickle Pickle (i die every time i say it out loud and now even writing it is fun) as of right now, they only have a walk up area and outdoor seating but their inside is opening soon. it always make me proud when new spots around here are opening up. i feel like the biggest most annoying cheerleader.

after lunch, i worked for a few hours and it moved quickly and painlessly… anyone's favorite days of work, am i right?? so afterward, i brought home a few tacos and quesadillas and pieces of corn on the cobs (corns on the cob? cobs of corn? corn on the cobs?) and had a feast while watching season 3 of Friday Night Lights. Have you seen it? you guys. i cry real tears 33% of the time. i know it's an older show but it was on netflix and what the hell, i can only watch The Office so many times before i can recite it word for word. if you haven't watched it, start it yesterday. I followed up my mexican feast with a few handfuls of chocolate chips because there is not one damn sweet thing in this house right now except for a bag of tollhouse goodness but it did the job. and while i tossed the chocolate chips in my mouth, i was twirling my hair in my fingers and thought to myself "Jamie, your hair is a hot mess these days. it might just be time for a trim" so, being the licensed cosmetologist that i am, i trimmed it. i trimmed my entire head of hair while watching my FNL and can i just tell you that my hair feels the way i would imagine a unicorn's hair to feel? amazing? soft? silky? i then sat and brushed it for 20 minutes, Marsha Brady style and it was all too pleasing of a night.

is anyone still reading this mess?!?

and as most people in the service industry, tomorrow is monday for most of you but tomorrow is when my weekend begins and i could do cartwheels over it. i have every intention of driving an hour north to hit up the goodwill outlet up in dayton. and have you ever been to a goodwill outlet? i'll write a better and more in depth post on it another day but it's a whole other world compared to your everyday thrift store and i'm pretty excited about. that's all i got for the moment. but everyones monday is delicious and here's a few other things i've had on my noggin lately::

is there any way to know if energizer or duracell battery is better than the other one?

what makes a word a swear word? who decided that?

there is something so magical about ordering take out.

people that microwave their salsa before eating it with chips freak. me. out.

you can tell a lot about a person based on their umbrella pattern.

could i train my cat to walk on a leash and my dog to pee in the litter box?

how and why do licenses expire? i don't get it.

diet dr pepper doesn't get nearly enough credibility. i mean, can ANYONE tell a difference?

try your best to never trust a bio.

happy week, kiddies!


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