this past weekend was PRIDE here in good ol' cinci! it was the first pride i've missed in 6 years and to say that i was bummed is the understatement of the century. putting work before play is sooo not my style but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. in my opinion, it's one of the most fun days of the year. rainbows and smiling faces and loud music and everyone is just so happy. i'm always proud to see my city celebrate and watch the amount of onlookers grow. 

my first pride festival was a bit of a whirlwind experience. i had just broken up with my first girlfriend and i was a total 21 year old mess.  i maybe drank seven hundred jello shots that day and threw up the rainbow that night. (tmi?) i guess i don't need to go into any more detail... so since then, i've been a little bit better behaved and try to just enjoy watching the festivities. plus, it's so nice to just see so many people come and support their community. the whole thing makes me actually giddy!  and fun fact- it used to be hosted in northside, my neck of the woods. but of course right after i moved here they relocated to downtown. go freaking figure. how nice would it have been to roll out of bed in the morning and see the parade go by my front door! so anyway, i missed the festival this year but was able to live thru it via the internet. these were some of my favorite pics i found over on instagram and snaps to all these rockstars for taking them! they make me so happy! thanks all of you for letting me repost! 


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