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a few weeks ago, a girlfriend of mine came over and i told her that i wanted to redecorate my apartment. i couldn't even finish my sentence before she told me, in the sweetest way possible, "you need more plant life in here. it will liven things up."i looked around and realized holy crap, she was right. i had literally no plants in my apartment except for maybe a dead succulent or two that i hadn't yet given a proper burial to. with that all being said, i spent the next few days and weeks looking up indoor plant life and now i've become obsessed. i feel like i've almost wasted 3 years of living here by not having this place filled with plants to soak up all that natural light i get. i have the blackest thumb and the proof is in the terra-cotta pots for sure but i did a little research and looked up what kinds of plants are the most forgiving and understanding of dippy girls that forget to water them. so here's a quick post on a few that i've chosen and how well they're doing! 
snake plants and mother in law's tongue are two favorites. named cleverly because they never go away, mother in law's tongue is one of my favorites in the house. also, the snake plant. he's tall and looks bad ass sitting against my brick walls. it's all about the aesthetic here, people. 
aloe. these guys are pretty easy as well, just don't over water. that soil stayed damp for a few days and i love the wild lines that he creates. he's my least civilized plant, doing and growing whatever way he wants but he's a favorite. 
all along my windows, i have herbs and succulents. they're little and dainty and look good stacked and clustered together. i got most of the succulents and cacti at home depot and ikea and the herbs were from Trader Joe's. I don't think I paid more than $4 for any of them and they're  all holding up pretty well. I've learned the key to keeping succulents alive is not looking directly at them or caring about them too much. They're like a house cat. Just leave them the hell alone and they're happy. 
Among my herbs are lavender, lemon grass, thyme and lemon balm. They all smell fantastic (in small doses) and only better cancel out the cigarette smoke and "puppy smells" that my apartment sometimes houses. Plus, with as tall of windows as I have, I kind of want to cry realizing how good they look filled with plants and knowing they've sat empty for years. Oh well, just gotta fill them up now! 
I'm on a constant hunt now for terra cotta pots and bowls to house all these suckers. I've found most of them at thrift stores (shocking, i know) but they're hard to find the closer we get to summer. I've spray painted a few pots in chalk paint and gold metallic paint and i love them both, but i want to keep a hodge podge of different textures on the bowls and pots. i found the most beautiful copper pot HUGE at the goodwill last week and set it down thinking i didn't really need it. i went back a few days later for it and it was gone. that has now become the biggest mistake in my life to date and i hope whoever bought her gave her as good of a home as i would have. the solution: always always buy everything i see that i even kind of like out of fear of having this feeling again. 

anyway, what are your favorite houseplants? what do you house them in? any cool ideas i probably haven't thought of? let a girl know! 

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