Cincinnati Food Fight

oh, this little city never ceases to amaze me. Last week, a friend and I were invited to attend the Maribelle's Food Fight. I had literally no idea what this event was but I rarely say no something with "food" in the title. I'm so glad we made the time to go and check it out. Have you ever seen the show Chopped? Where they have all kinds of crazy ingredients and the chefs have to create delicious dishes out of them with barely any time to prepare? Yeah, it was like that. I can't remember all of the wild foods they had to use but I do remember mint jelly, chocolate covered pretzels and …. lamb testicles. (Full disclosure- our seats were right next to the judges, and yes I asked if I could try some of the leftover lamb pieces. I was curious! Don't judge me!) There were chefs from Jeff Ruby's, the Horseshoe Casino and even a gentleman that has worked at Frisch's for years! He made everyone in the audience a hot fudge cake and it made me fall in love with him. I'll find him again one day. 

The whole event was really well executed, with tv monitors set up so that the people in the back could see and a lot of audience members even brought food to share. Duck fat chocolate chip cookies? you guys. they were a game changer. There were 3 different rounds and each dish was prepared quickly and on the spot. I don't know how people on those cooking shows do it. How do they memorize what to put in their dishes? and how much? it stresses me out just thinking about it. I'm that cook that has the youtube tutorial video pulled up and pauses it during each step so I don't miss anything. I need structure!

 All in all, it was a really neat event that was packed wall to wall with fellow food loving Cincinnatians. I feel like we're one big family! I brought a girlfriend of mine with me that was happy to watch, but I think her little vegetarian heart broke into pieces when the chefs murdered lobster right in front of us. Whoops! So here's a few blurry, low quality photos I snapped with my phone. Next time, I'll be better prepared: and by prepared I mean I'll have a fully charged camera and I'll probably bring along a fellow meat eater :) 
^ proof I ate a lambs private parts. Tasted like a questionable chicken nugget. 
RIP little lobster guy ^ 
^ serious judging business over here! 
The Champion! returning champ, actually. I wish I remembered where he worked. I want to say the Casino? Ah, if anyone else was there let me know!

I'm pretty positive these events are held every 3 months so be sure if you get the chance to check out. Tickets were …. $10? I believe. Sheesh, I clearly pay very little attention when there's food in front of my face.

Thanks again to WCPO for allowing me to check this event out. Definitely a crowd pleaser! 

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