fall, so far

just a quick post about what's been going lately! the above photo is of me and the new guy in the apartment, bronson. he's about …14 weeks now? I think? somewhere around there. he likes to chew on bras, chase the cat and lick your face off. he's a precious blue pit and i'm mildly obsessed with him. 
 before the weather starts getting bad (i've heard the farmers almanac says this will be the worst winter in like.. 80 years) i've been trying to stay outside plenty. whether it's walking the pup, hitting up the local shops or riding the ride. it's gonna be a looong winter, for sure. i remember last year scraping the snow off of my car and not being able to move the thing from its parking spot for days. damn 2 wheel drive. so i'll be soaking up the midwest sunshine over here as long as i can! 
 nothing makes me happier than seeing pumpkins beginning their seasonal debut every year. they're at every market, grocery store and even… randomly… for sale at the local pet store? being that it just hit october first, i haven't cracked down and purchased mine yet, but i'm thinking a white and orange are both gonna be coming home with me. 
 i'm a very lucky girl to have this gorgeous of scenery on my walks. the colors that come along with the falls months are the most beautiful of any season. just look at that rich rich gold! so beautiful. 
 and last but not least, i got a hankering for pie today and felt that baking was in order. i whipped up this peach pie from the recipe here and it turned out perfect. just make sure to grab a huge scoop of vanilla ice-cream. don't be modest. 

Happy beginning of fall, you guys! it's gonna be a good month! 
xo jd



  1. That pie looks gorgeous! I've always wanted to make a pie, but never thought I could do it.

    1. Waaaaay easy! I used the recipe off "two peas in a pod" blog for the recipe!

  2. Gah, I've been hearing rumors of this impending winter doom. Last year was so bad... we can't do another! Must soak up all of this weather goodness right now - and you're clearly good at doing that! Also at pie baking. That looks amazing. Maybe I should commission you... I'm planning a cutie pie themed 1st birthday party and have never baked a pie in my life.


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