you need only 3 things::
-1 pint of heavy whipping cream
-10 to 12 oz. of semi sweet chocolate 
-either amazing upper body strength, or a stand mixer
pour the pint of cream into your mixer and let it go for about 5 minutes on medium speed.
while your cream is mixing, crush up your chocolate bars as small as possible, 
they'll melt better if chopped smaller. i like technology, so i used a pampered chef chopper to do 
all of that work, too. my god, could i be any lazier? 
 i don't have a double boiler, so i use a big pot of water and a smaller pot sitting on top 
to melt down my chocolate. fancy, huh? 
pour your melted chocolate into your whipped cream and fold the chocolate in. 
try to stir it as little as possible, as you don't want to lose all of the air in your cream!
 let it sit in your fridge for the longest hour of your life.
portion out into individual cups. i used a frosting bag and tip to make it look prettier, but that's only 
because i was bored and had some time to kill. (which is also why i had a mousse photo shoot afterwards)  
and once the shoot was done,  i sat with a spoon and scrapped the sides of the mixing bowl & watched  The Office.




yesterday was just one of those days were everything went right. from a great "makeup day" (yes, those happen) to trying out a new spot in northside for lunch, i could have relived saturday again and again. we hit up "tacocracy" and my mind was completely blown. probably the most friendly staff i have ever encountered, crazy art on the walls, and the best tacos i have ever devoured in my life... plus, mexican coke and let's get real- is there any drink that stands a chance when compared to mexican coke? they also have a "taco of the moment" where they basically just come up with a new crazy taco every couple of days and we got lucky enough to try the "Big Mac taco" .... ground beef, lettuce, mac sauce, pickle oooooh man. and did i mention the mexican coke? we love you tacocracy! 

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