yesterday, of course, i headed down to City Flea! i know i've never mentioned my love for the city flea before (haha) but this was the final one of the summer. it's such a bummer seeing the fountains turned off. and let me tell you the saddest part of the day. 
don't you just love a good sob story of a girl wanting more stuff to fill her house with? 

so we walk in and the first thing i see is the most fabulous collection of pull down classroom maps. like... 15 of them. you remember from when we were little; bold beautiful colors and amazing. $20 a piece. the cheapest i have ever seen a map in my entire life. so i say, like an idiot "oh nice! ok, let's just take a lap around real fast and come back and grab one" well, 5 minutes was all the rest of the people needed to snatch them all up. so sad. all gone. no more. none for me. devastating. and like any girl out there, i just sort of wanted one when there were plenty. then once i couldn't have one because they were all gone, now it's all i think about!! 

but the day pressed on to be just what the doctor ordered. we ate amazing street food (pulled pork grilled cheeeeeeses and cookies!)  it was an amazing day and for all of you Cincinnatians out there, I urge you to check out the next city flea! - unless you're in the market for pull down maps, and in that case you aint invited!! 
also, i have an interview coming up with Lindsay, the curator of the whole City Flea event!! and past City flea trips here  here and booooo on the time i went that i didn't take photos. i know, you're sad too. 



  1. We had a lazy Saturday and rolled in to the Flea around 1. Grabbed our Brown Bear Bakes goodies and Blair said we missed you by a couple hours. One of these days.....

  2. love the typewriter key ring, so cool!


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