i would say summer is most girls' favorite because... well... it's easy. we all have a decent sun kissed glow so our skin looks fabulous, farmers markets make healthy eating easier and doing your hair (should you choose to do it at all) is a breeze, too. god bless whatever girl out there that decided this look was hot. thanks, ladies. i love me a good 'just rolled out of bed' look all year round, so this style is right up my alley, and one i'll probably ride into the ground until someone takes away my surf spray.   here's the steps below. easy!

// wash your hair. or don't. i don't. often //
1. wrap up your hair & remove excess water, then pump in let's say 5 pumps of surf spray at root
i use Bumble & Bumble but i'm sure there's plenty of others out there. this is what i used when i worked at the salon so my brain is already fixed on this one. 

1 1/2. let your hair dry. either use the blowdryer or air dry. those blow dryers get hotter than hell! 

2. spray in some dry shampoo for even more hold at the root. plus, this will keep you from having to wash for like 5+ days. i use it daily. until i look homeless. plus it's like $4 a bottle!

3. start at the bottom of your head (in the back, along your neckline) in 2 inch sections, working your way up your head. i always do around my face last, but that's just me. 
i'm sure every head is different, but i only hold each section on the iron for about 4 seconds. you'll find out quickly what works for you! 

// TIPS //
i learned from doing hair for years a few tricks with hot tools. but this is one trick i'll teach my grandchildren. NEVER open the mouth of your iron. sooo just wrap your hair around the entire barrel. does that make sense? i hope so. 

and use your mirrors! or a roommate to check out the back of your head. 
make sure everything's up to code!  

just a spritz of hairspray and you're good to go! beach bound! or in my case... ohio river bound.
have a great week, ladies! 


  1. I have no idea what beautiful hair even means in this ridiculous humidity. I tried curling my hair last night to go job hunting and I came home and it was a nasty half flat half frizzy mess. Hahah!

    1. Oh you are not kidding my friend! This humidity is the devil!

  2. Do you ever use dry shampoo?? Just wondered what brand you like if you do. I love getting as many shower free days out of my hair as possible! (yes I still wash my body :) )

    1. Yes! Somehow I mistyped... The suave IS dry shampoo!


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