today, i'm giving thanks for my amazing friends. we celebrated one of my dearest from work today! she's expecting her first baby in march and we are soooo excited! another coworker, jessica, hosted with me and i think we pulled off a pretty dang good shower!! We were up since about...oh... the crack of dawn getting it set up and actually ran into each other at the grocery this morning on her way to my house. whoever decided on a brunch shower was out of their mind (yes, that would be me. never again!) but i love having my house full of people and if you can throw in babies and sangrias, i'm all about it! here's a few photos. 
this little guy pretty much stole the show. THOSE CHEEKS! 
hope you enjoyed yourself, leah. we love you!


  1. That food looks so yummy and it looks like the shower was a success! :)

  2. it looks so cute! one of my childhood friends is having a baby in may and her shower is on march 2nd. I bought her a pair of baby TOMS shoes with giraffes on them for her little boy. new babies are exciting!

    1. baby toms oh my god!! i might need to make that investment. baby clothes are a financial danger!

  3. what a cute baby shower, the food looks yummy and the decor is great!


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