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all i wanted for christmas was F.O.O.D

Posted on: 12.26.2012

two christmas breakfasts. one happy jamie.

i'm dating a family that hates to be photographed...

Posted on: 12.25.2012

today is christmas and i am exhausted. last night we celebrated christmas at both of our mama's. eating two sets of dinners, opening two sets of gifts and snapping two sets of photos. we went to jon's mom's house and got to play the white elephant game, which always cracks me up. my mom and jon's sister are both the "leaders" when it comes to the game. taking charge, telling the rules, etc. every house needs a leader because i've learned that every single family in the world plays this game a little differently than the next family. i got my own gift (i know, i'm awful!) and jon got some new towels. we are SUCH grown ups now! towels!? i love it. we then played the weirdest board game i have ever seen in my life. at one point, i had to impersonate an angry gnome, jon's mom had to wear a kitchen strainer on her head, and jon's brother wasn't allowed to use his arms the entire game! always a good time with the floyd bunch. here's just a few pictures i got last night and get a load of the puppy! that's Castle and he's the size of my car...

our christmas eve itinerary

Posted on: 12.24.2012

today, our schedule is as follows:
11am: sell our workout equipment to a craigslist dude 
11:15am: get winded lifting weights into dude's truck
11:20am: rethink my health & wonder if we should have held on to that stuff
11:30am: count the cash, and move on 
12pm: brave the grocery store for "peppermint bark" and "skyline dip" supplies
12:15-12:40pm: stand in line at grocery store
1pm: melt chocolate chips & destroy candy canes in our blender
1:30pm: finish peppermint bark, start dip. 
2pm: finish everything and blog about it
2:30pm: get pretty, cuz it's family time!
4pm: be at my mom's 
6pm: be at Jon's mom's
8pm: be back at my mom's (yes, you read that correctly) eat everything & watch A Christmas Story until i can quote the whole thing.

Merry Christmas, everyone! 
may your day be as chaotic as ours!
ps how to make the skyline dip:
3 ingredients needed, 4 if you count the chips

 spread 2 packs of cream cheese in bottom of cake pan
pour 2 cans of skyline chili evenly over cream cheese
sprinkle as much shredded cheddar as your arteries can handle
bake for 5 minutes until cheese melts
eat with tortilla chips
thank me later. 

panini's, presents and puppies

Posted on: 12.23.2012

giving thanks for these ladies! this morning, my 5 best girlfriends and i celebrated christmas, in what is now our annual tradition... because it is perfect. we got together bright and early, dressed in our best pj attire, sipped mimosas and ate panini's hot off the foreman. a few weeks ago we each drew a name of another girl and you got to buy them a present that started with the same letter as her name... does that even make sense? it's 1 am so my brain is mushy. see i had Rachel, soooo i bought her a Recipe book and  Running shirt. get it? so fun! my love maria knows me far too well, and bought me copper Jars to hold flour, sugar and tea in my kitchen. also, the girls thought it would be fun to bring all of their puppies! so we had 4 balls of fur running around which only added further entertainment. can't wait for next year! 

Crossroads Church Awaited

Posted on: 12.22.2012

last night, we enjoyed my favorite holiday tradition of all, a christmas production! now let me just say this is NOT your grandma's church christmas play. this show is the cirque du soleil of christmas plays. it was held at my mom and step dad's church and they expected an audience of about 60,000! the entire lobby was a kid's dream complete with a giant gingerbread house, gum drop trees and ever flowing hot chocolate. saying that this show is amazing doesn't even seem to do it justice! i saw it 2 years ago and they kept a lot of it the same, and for good reason. that year, they passed out free cd's after the show and i was listening to it on repeat until about march. i'm actually blaring it right now... so so good!! i snuck a few pictures once we were up in our seats. get a load of that crowd!! if you wanna hear any of the songs and see some of the performers, youtube "crossroads church awaited" 
thank you crossroads, for another beautiful show. it brings me to tears, makes me want to be a dancer and, more importantly, a better person. can't wait until next year!! 

it's getting real dang christmasy up in here

Posted on: 12.19.2012

with all the ugly in the world lately, i'm glad our home can bring me a little happiness and christmas joy. tonight, we made cookies together & my arm is still cramped from stirring (i can't wait to get my mixer!) above are candy canes i bought last year on the 26th. they're super cheap after christmas and will keep for the next year. i make peppermint bark with them and it's a fun and easy way to impress your future in laws, if i do say so myself. that evergreen is from thanksgiving and i have only changed the water once. jon says "well duh, babe. it's called EVERgreen" .... whatever. we sent out our christmas cards and i fear that our future cards will never live up to 2012's greatness aaaand the last few photos were taken of houses around town that pull out all of the stops.  i can't help how creepy i am for coming to a slow roll and snapping photos. i just love all of the lights, don't you?!

no winner or loser when you love someone

Posted on: 12.17.2012

i think it's taken me the weekend to finally come to terms with the recent events. i don't know why but when travesties like this happen, i always become completely engrossed in them. like a car wreck. no matter how sad it makes me i always want to read more articles, learn more about the victims and hear more people speak on it. i'll youtube it all. i always take these things so personally, like in some way they affect me on a much deeper level than they should.

the night of the shootings, i laid on the floor crying. just staring up at the ceiling bawling my eyes out thinking about what had to be going through the minds of those teachers and babies. i cried because it's scary. i cried because you can't control nearly anything in your life. i cried because i doubt whether or not i would have been one of the "hero" teachers in the same situation. i cried because no one ever thinks it will be them. and i just don't know if i could go on living without my family. i held jon that night and sobbed "what if someone shows up at your work with a gun? what if you go to the bank and someone holds you hostage? what if? what if? what if?" he's a much more rational thinker than myself, thank god, and he always tries to calm me down and bring me back down to earth. that's definitely one of things that made fall in love with him. while i'm thinking crazy thoughts, jon is mr. real.

all you can do is love the people in your life and appreciate every day you have. don't let fights go unsettled. jon and i are both hard headed creatures that love to be right and i need to learn that being wrong is ok. ending an argument and letting myself admit fault is ok, too. there's no winner and no loser. what if something were to happen to him before i had a chance to tell him "hey, i know i was wrong the other day. i'm sorry. i love you" ugh. i can't stand the thought of unfinished. this news was hard. hard on everyone. and i pray for the families involved. i only hope it can teach us all to stay close to the people we love and cherish them.
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