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we cleaned, we cooked, we conquered

Posted on: 11.25.2012

...and we still love each other after all of it!! thanksgiving was beautiful and everyone at our table (all 18 of them!) agreed. high five, babe. we rock. after a few hiccups along the way- our turkey thermometer breaking, our dishwasher leaking and having to listen to disgruntled neighbors upstairs moving outi called my mom crying, to which she basically said "jamie, shut up, it's all going to be beautiful and no one will notice any of this little stuff" and the woman was right. the moment our first guests walked in, i felt better. jon's mom hugged me over and over telling me how nice of a job i did and it felt amazing. she has hosted their family's thanksgiving for about 20 years so for her to pass the torch to me, i took it as a HUGE honor ya know? but anyways, the food was amazing, our families loved each other and our house looked great. not to mention our fridge is stocked for a good 3 weeks. *host bonus*

our thanksgiving table!

Posted on: 11.24.2012

a few pics of how i added decor to our twelve foot dining table! 
that's a lotta burlap, people!

thanksgiving, round 1

Posted on: 11.22.2012

well, today was the first of our 2 thanksgivings. whatta lucky couple we are!! we went to my mom and stepdad's today and ate with both of their families (ya know- the cousins, uncles, aunts, people you know you're suppose to recognize) and it was all delicious. i gotta hand it to my mom she makes this day look so easy and it drives me insane. not seriously. but kind of. i am SO NERVOUS about our thanksgiving tomorrow here at our house but i am also beyond excited! after this post, ill be doing unspeakable acts to the poor bird in my fridge. wish me luck! here's a few pics of food, family (specifically that little stud, Beckett) and my dapper giant boyfriend. hope everyone had a great day! cheers to elastic waistbands and tryptophan! 


Posted on: 11.12.2012

this weekend, it was a rare treat that all of my closest friends were in town at the same time... except my jaimie, but she's off livin' it up in new york city so it's kind of hard to feel sorry for her, ya know? but nevertheless, the 5 of us had a great time. lots of sushi eating, drink sipping and cab hauling. we started our night by trading clothes with one another- who knows how many tops & skirts we have each lost over the years by doing these swaps- and then headed to dinner in hyde park at dancing wasabi... best 1/2 price sushi you will ever find in Cincinnati. we then bar hopped around mt. lookout and i couldn't help but get excited for christmas when i looked up into all of the street trees and saw twinkling lights!! eek!  it was good to get all of us together for a much needed girl's night out. love you ladies!  

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